I’m gonna Goldilocks the shit out of this scene
Oh, so you think that I’m mean?
Ears full of steam
Porridge or ice cream
A thousand different reasons to scream

He’s not good enough
He’s not good enough for me
Enough to take on what’s for free
Enough to let him see
How I really orient my reality

You’re no good either
But I’m fucking scum
Stuck to your shoes with nowhere to run
Give me a break, you want to have fun?
I just want to be standing when it’s all said and done

But funs not good enough because I wanna thrive
I’m stuck in a hole but I swear I can fly
It’s true I’m pissed, scared, preoccupied
Screw you for thinking you actually know why
Why some days it’s impossible to even pretend to try

Aw poor thing, are you gonna cry?
I cry all the time but for better reasons
Like right now it’s hunting season
Once again I have to prove I’m not beaten
Gotta bleed this fucking devious demon

You think I’m messed up, well I’ll show you crazy
You’ll run like a bitch once it all goes hazy
(I’m not sexist I swear, it just sounds good, I’m lazy)
The truth is I’m stronger than you, baby
And I’m gonna go find me something more tasty

*image not my own