It’s always in the cereal aisle
When I invariably ponder awhile
Why I haven’t run into you yet
Why it is we haven’t re-met

Do I blame or thank Fate, Fortune or Chance?
No more of that glancing askance
Too much to say and no way to say it
Convinced to our bones what we’d never admit
I’m told that I should count myself lucky
That you arrived so late and left so abruptly

”Better late than never,” I say to my sorrow
Famine today and feast tomorrow?
In these late hours I find myself waiting
For another man I deem worthy of wanting
I’m sorry it seems like I dared you to love me
I mostly no longer beat myself bloody
To cushion the blow I lie to myself
Say you’re a sickness that ruined my health
Delirious with your new paradigm fever
I admit it felt better than anything ever

I’ve made a shaky truce with Time
To stop waiting for you and endeavor to rhyme
And turn this suffering into something more lucrative
A pile of corrosive obsessive compulsive
Picked over, re-ordered words that might humbly
Speak to those who found love but were tragically clumsy
Torn between giving too much and too little
Letting a beautiful rare yearning fizzle
It’s a sin as far as I’m concerned
But everyone else thinks I’m absurd

*image not my own