Wishful thinking of pipedream proportions
All your feet are firmly planted
Tightly tethered to the earth
I remain convinced I can soar above
Immersed in God’s vast universe

I fantasize I’m due a bigger portion
And even though I’m out of pills
With the right melody in my ears
I still fly high when I close my eyes
Writhe in the sky and shake off the fear

I quit the game, said fuck this performance
Soul-sick for a rival of perfection
Desperate to one day transcend
All those fill-in-the-blank years
Bereft as a beggar near the end

The bottle’s dry and I’ve grasped a propulsion
My dream’s a delicate and vulgar ploy
Wrangling the world while
Serenading solos inside my mind
You’re all just phrases in my stockpile

They insist you take precaution
But I’m regretting this wretched pendulum
All those times I never let loose
Trapped in a cage of my own making
A quiet shadow wrapped in a ruse

Light me up and scream perversion
As I shed this ill-fitting pantomime
I’ve finally learned this fantastic alchemy
Fueled by the fortitude of my convictions
Composing my own rhapsody sans gravity

*image not my own