The cupboards may be bare
But I’ve grasped a propulsion
Albeit beyond my understanding
Awash in a fantastic alchemy

Fueled by the fortitude
Of an infant affirmation
Pervasive fresh-faced philosophy
A most natural intention
Heady with the potential power
Inherent to a resounding cry of conviction

With a bevy of better muses close at hand
Composing my own rhapsody sans gravity
Corrosive obsessive compulsive
Scrawl put to flame
Effervescing into a composition
That’s more lucrative
The evolution of picked over reordered
Painstaking words that might humbly
Speak to a spirit kindred in affliction
Putting it both justly and bluntly:

I see you straight-and-narrow girl
I know you’re hungry
Ever so carefully coloring inside the lines
But all wicked and wild
With God’s good grace inside

Bubbling in your marrow girl
A greater allotment
A vast assortment
A casting out of crippling confusion
A full-faced grin communion

Your tenacious daydreams
Are only absurd according
To those wayward souls
Who are the least affording

I see you girl but let’s be honest
I often fall prey to a doubt most foul
Is it even possible
To grasp the precise proportions
Of darkness and light
That combine to outshine
The serpents inherent to holy design?

Then I pause
Of its own accord
My chest rises and falls
I glance over my shoulder
At the mountain range behind me
A handy reminder
Of course


This one kinda bombed. Grumble.

*image not my own