No ditching
No snitching
And certainly no double dipping
No more of that sin within
That’s too bad
Damn discipline

Buttoned up on a road that goes nowhere
Well bless her heart
I do declare
Belle of the ball in a world with no air
So help me God
I solemnly swear

Girl, didn’t they tell you?
You’re supposed to dance
Can’t leave it up to circumstance
Sleeping Beauty
In a trance
Now there’s a broad with half a chance

Yall’s glass slipper
Is cruel and unusual
How am I supposed to run
All glitter and liquor
I just stumble, you leer and snicker
Now all I’m left with is a life full of triggers

Where’s my goddamn guardian angel?
Or fairy godmother, whatever
Guess I have to be my own lesser protector
Hustle and pimp till I’m red in the face
Hey there handsome tell me your pleasure.
Pain and then more pain or lace and then leather?

I’ll see you satisfied then I’ll cook and I’ll clean
I’m tired of being more than I seem
I think you beige lifestyle
Is more than obscene
After awhile you learn to dream lean
One of these days I’ll up and gasoline this routine