(Call Me Darling, Call Me Whore – ALT)

If hyperventilation worked I would
But I’ve had to bate my breath before
As any well-worn warrior should
Doomed to a caper both abhorred and adored

Ball and chain basking in your Cheshire smile
Bearing down on the wrong kind of crisis
I desperately outwit you and all the while
I just want to show you my wrists and insist that I’m pious

Better that than a slap in the face
Yet wounds of a kind only cement conviction
Only your abrasive quicksand embrace
Can wind my head around this breed of affectionate friction

Dignity is such a peculiar creature
Rip out these curls, so desperate to trash it
Please be my teacher, please be my preacher
I’ll give it to you running and call you a culprit

I suspect you suspect I’m nocturnal on purpose
To which base iteration should I adhere?
I’m trying with all my teeth to be earnest
But I’m suffocating sincerely in this atmosphere

Or maybe I’m just spinning to steal your focus
For heaven’s sake close your eyes just in case
Fool, you can’t pay the dues for our diagnosis
You can keep your albeit magnetic mistake

*image not my own