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Embracing Bad Grammar – I Can't Not Write Any Longer


January 2017

Sunglasses I (Mo + Al 1)

Having just revealed to him and myself that I’m kinda a dick, it takes me a moment to process the accidental subtext and implications of my own words. So when Alex lobs back a base, “We’re not strangers, Morgan,” it feels like a small betrayal bereft of a segue.


You’re So Cliche 3/3

She was a realistic drunk. Besides, making desperate promises to yourself about how your drinking isn’t going to destroy your life is cliche.

You’re So Cliche 2/3

There is nothing more cliche than an alcoholic infatuated with her bartender.

You’re So Cliche 1/3

This was in a time when bars were still properly smoke-filled and cigarettes came cheap with the pull of a knob, dispensed by a well-worn machine leftover from an era where one could still smoke on airplanes.

Ink a la Byron

Horrid adventure, terrible drama / Mosquitoes and quicksand en-route to nirvana

4 Years Sober

I felt commemorated when I was able to get up in front of 80 strangers and share my story and feel their love, support and appreciation for me even though we'd never met before.

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Perfect Title Pending

Embracing Bad Grammar - I Can't Not Write Any Longer


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