Um, you call this shit atmosphere?
This oxygen/nitrogen soup you all swim in
The precise mix you’re all happily breathin’
Burns my lungs akin to asphyxiation
Every inhalation an invitation
Like fiberglass come to shred
The bellows housed in my chest
Into bloody red ribbons
Damned if I do
Damned if I don’t
There is only so long that I can hold my breath

The only explanation for the bad O2/N2 infusion
Other than a desperate delusion
Is that clearly, I was born elsewhere
Into more compatible alien air
A blend, perhaps, of vaporized lithium
And no small amount of pure adamantium
Something substantial for my affronted veins
To deliver to a wanting heart and brain

Which makes me an orphan marooned
On an intrinsically hostile planet subsumed
In a poison not wanting in strength for its subtlety
Killing me gradually
As my lungs desperately dilate
I debate myself until I’m blue in the face
But if I’m honest it’s obvious
It’s far too late
I might survive
But I’m a fool to think I’ll ever adequately acclimate
And thrive