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Embracing Bad Grammar – I Can't Not Write Any Longer


Creative Writing 101

You’re So Cliche 3/3

She was a realistic drunk. Besides, making desperate promises to yourself about how your drinking isn’t going to destroy your life is cliche.


You’re So Cliche 2/3

There is nothing more cliche than an alcoholic infatuated with her bartender.

You’re So Cliche 1/3

This was in a time when bars were still properly smoke-filled and cigarettes came cheap with the pull of a knob, dispensed by a well-worn machine leftover from an era where one could still smoke on airplanes.

Ink a la Byron

Horrid adventure, terrible drama / Mosquitoes and quicksand en-route to nirvana


Or maybe I’m just spinning to steal your focus / For heaven’s sake close your eyes just in case / Fool, you can’t pay the dues for our diagnosis / You can keep your albeit magnetic mistake

Dear God, Thank You For Making “Orange” Impossible to Rhyme

Are you having an existential crisis? Is agnosticism beckoning? Or atheism, even! Jesus you’re so emo.

The Girl Behind the Trash Can

Accidentally step off of the middle of the road / Deviate from the most acquiescing and amiable route / By which to painstakingly navigate the day / Terror / She hopes that someday / She won’t need trash cans and shrubbery / But will simply be able to hide right behind her own face

Creative Writing #6 – A Future in the Tense of Exquisite Suspense

I see you straight-and-narrow girl / I know you’re hungry / Ever so carefully coloring inside the lines / But all wicked and wild / With God’s good grace inside

Creative Writing #5 – “Newsprint”

Sick and filthy with / A disgusting reduction to tentative touching / A most unnatural disaster taught on repeat

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Perfect Title Pending

Embracing Bad Grammar - I Can't Not Write Any Longer


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