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Embracing Bad Grammar – I Can't Not Write Any Longer


“Poetry” / Lyrics-ish

A Legit Affliction

A grotesque potion in which I'm forced swim. Or drown in. Resuscitate. Drown again. Ad nauseum.


Oscar Worthy

I am a liar. Look! I can shower! Liar. Look! I can put on clothes! Liar.

The Ether and I Disagree Seriously

The only explanation for the bad O2/N2 infusion / Other than a desperate delusion / Crying / Confusion / Is that clearly, I was born elsewhere

Nice to See You Again, Doc

Because when grey and white matter / Misbehave in just the right way / The words flow faster than water / Slick sick quicksilver literary alchemy / I bow at the alter

Ink a la Byron

Horrid adventure, terrible drama / Mosquitoes and quicksand en-route to nirvana


Or maybe I’m just spinning to steal your focus / For heaven’s sake close your eyes just in case / Fool, you can’t pay the dues for our diagnosis / You can keep your albeit magnetic mistake

Those Damn Disney Princesses

Can't leave it up to circumstance / Sleeping Beauty / In a trance / Now there's a broad with half a chance

Creative Writing #6 – A Future in the Tense of Exquisite Suspense

I see you straight-and-narrow girl / I know you’re hungry / Ever so carefully coloring inside the lines / But all wicked and wild / With God’s good grace inside

Creative Writing #5 – “Newsprint”

Sick and filthy with / A disgusting reduction to tentative touching / A most unnatural disaster taught on repeat

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Perfect Title Pending

Embracing Bad Grammar - I Can't Not Write Any Longer


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